Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan
A STOP Thalassemia Project Center

The STOP Thalassemia Project
Thalassemia major (TM) is the most common life-threatening non- communicable chronic disease of children in South Asia, Pacific Islands, and the Middle East; and a major burden for involved families and healthcare. Of the over 270,000 affected children and 60,000 new cases born yearly, most will not live beyond adolescence unless they receive proper supportive or curative care. Current barriers for these children include high treatment/cure costs and lack of accessible medical attention. If a cure could be made available, locally, affordably, and reliably, for select patients with a compatible sibling, the lives of thousands of children could be saved every year. TM is highly curable by bone marrow transplantation (BMT) at a young age. Cured children are able to go on to live healthy and productive lives comparable to those that were never born with the disorder.

Cure2Children (C2C) cures more kids with thalassemia than any other organization worldwide. The goal of our STOPThalassemia project is to assist countries in need by offering an affordable and reliable cure locally; this is accomplished by helping countries set-up cure and prevention focused BMT units. The STOPThalassemia project has already completed its pilot stage and yielded successful (published) results.

The Problem Being Addressed:
Thalassemia major is the most common life-threatening non-communicable chronic disease of children in Afghanistan where several thousand are affected and hundreds of new cases are born yearly. Many of these may not live beyond adolescence and if they do, are destined for a poor quality of life.

Project History:
Cure2Children (C2C), was approached by families affected with thalassemia in Afghanistan, who were currently without any local access to treatement for their children. These individuals were smart, capable, and knowledgeable but simply did not have access to the treatment and cure they knew they needed to save their child.

With the support of Cure2Children these families are slowly starting a STOP Thalassemia center in Kabul. This project is still in its initial phases as of September 2013 and is in great need of support. Thus far, these amazing individuals have create a physical structure for the center, formed partnerships with the Meena Welfare Association in Kabul, the Thalassemia Foundation in Jalalabad, and the Public Ministry of Health of Afghanistan. The center has already begun registering patients and providing treatment.

As a great example of local partnership, Cure2Children connected this project with our already established STOP Thalassemia center in Islamabad, Pakistan. As a result, three children have already been sent over the boarder from Kabul to be successfully cured at our center in Pakistan.

Major Achievements:

  • About 150 thalassemia patients in Afghanistan have been registered with the Cure2Children global patient database
  • The center has begun providing hydroxyurea to 46 patients in need and begun providing blood transfusions for children with thalassemia
  • The center has prepared three children for transplant. They were all successfully cured at the STOP Thalassemia center in Pakistan for next to no charge.

Project Partners:

  • Najm-u-Saqib Niazi, CEO & Founder, Meena Welfare Association (Kabul)
  • Dr Mohammad Noor, CEO, Noor Clinic (Khos)
  • Mubariz Sohail, Director Khateez, Thalassaemia Foundation (Jalalabad)
  • H.E Dr. Suraya Dalil, Public Health Minister of Afghanistan, is supporting this initiative.

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